Exclusive: Study on Employer Branding and Workplace Culture

In times of growing shortages of skilled workers, employer branding and the development of a credible and differentiating employer brand remains a hot topic. For this reason, Great Place to Work®, in cooperation with the partner organisations KLAR and the Institute for Strategic Management of HWZ Zurich, asked 147 organisations how they use their workplace culture as a basis for the employer brand and in recruiting and retaining talent.

The study shows that 66% of the organisations surveyed are confronted with a talent shortage. Above all, the talent market lacks specialists for technical careers and specialists with academic training. To attract the right talent to the market, a clear and attractive employer brand is essential, but only 50% of organisations state that their employer brand is clear and well defined. Only 39% find that their employer brand clearly differentiates them from the competition.

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There are also deficits in the communication of the employer brand. Only 3 out of 10 organisations surveyed stated that the employer brand has been successfully communicated within the organisation or to the outside world. Employer branding brings many advantages: 97% say that employer branding increases the attractiveness of the organization as an employer. 81% believe that it ties employees more closely to the organization.

You can find the complete study results at great-employerbranding.ch

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